Sunday, February 16, 2014

Grave Story- Time to Start updating Again.

So I know people have been wanting to know what's been going on with Grave Story. While I have my main site that's basically going to be hosting... well, stuff, there's no way for me to allow comments there, so I decided to get a blog. Yay.

Now, Grave Story was on hold for a while, seeing how I was working on Prepare to Die. But right now there's things I want to do with Grave Story, so time to work on it, which I have been over the past few days.

While I've hit a bit of an impass in terms of how exactly I want to do the beginning of the story's progression (seeing how the beginning is ALWAYS the hardest), I simply started working on the town of Inconsequentia. Which you will meet a guard.

Obviously, seeing how you're undead, he doesn't trust you. And as you can see, there's multiple ways to approach this situation, from simply being straight forward with him to killing him. Interactions like these are ones I feel like I have some potential to do a lot with, seeing how you ARE technically playing as a monster, and how others perceive you, especially at the beginning, isn't going to be good. This guy in particular, you can convince him that you're no harm, although some of the other options (such as explaining the attacks or threatening him) will result in a random outcome. He may mind his own business if you threaten him or may try to kill you.

...Which will obviously yield an Atrocity point. Speaking of which, for those of you that remember, Grave Story does feature some minor stats on the side- Noble Deeds, Atrocities, and Stupidity. Also, remember Arkon?

Yeah, this prick that's stalking you. I decided that an interesting thing to do would be to raise his chance of spawning based on your Atrocity level. Basically, the more evil you are, the more persistent Arkon will be in killing you, as you're simply proving to him that you're an abomination that needs to be stopped. This will give players the option to intentionally make the game harder on themselves by straight up being an asshole. I'm going to have to do some fine-tuning on the chances of him spawning, as right now it increases his spawn rate by 1%, which I feel is pretty excessive; it might change to 0.25% to 0.5% to be a little more reasonable. I'll have to do some tests with this, but I feel that having 10 points in Atrocities is going to make it really hard early on because that's a flat 10% increase in Arkon's spawn rate, and since he won't be killable until mid-late game.... yeah.

Also, one last thing I feel the need to share:

If the context of this picture eludes you, the only way to see JP USED to be to look at your Class menu. Which was a gigantic inconvenience for obvious reasons, and I couldn't stand it. I devoted my time to finding out how to rectify this problem, and lo and behold, you can now see how much JP you have outside of the class menu.

Anyway, there's some other cool stuff I'd LIKE to show off but I don't think now's the time. So I'll leave you with this for now.

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