Friday, November 14, 2014

11/15 Progress

So I've made some progress. Also hit a snag or two, but not unexpected. Also have a screenshot.

So first thing is I managed to fix the Zambeh status effect. While it wasn't something I had mentioned before, I didn't have a way to mimic the effect it had in the VX version, which was "deal damage upon recovery." I have a script that allows me to do exactly that. So yay, fixing things.

An issue I've had is that the site I generally use to convert songs to MP3's tried to send me a virus. SOOOOOO I get to find another way around that now.

I've been making progress mostly on some of the other side areas, as well as putting in a quest that will be mildly obscure. Hints are given, of course, so no worries, but it takes a little more thought than simply "I have this key, now I can go open that door." It's more of a deal of "I have this key, now where da fuq is the door?"

I'm getting there though; other stuff on the side not worth spoiling.

Unrelated to Forum Fantasy, I stumbled upon a script that allows me to stack states on a character/enemy. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of stacking in gaming, stacking is when you have more than one instance of an effect on an enemy- for example, if the character is already poisoned, this would allow the enemy to add poison onto the character again for increased potency. While I have little use for it in Forum Fantasy, my head is ready to explode with the potential uses I could have for this in Grave Story, to the point I already stuck it in and made the Bleed status effect a stacking effect. Bleed is the status effect I've really wanted to differentiate from Poison for a while, and this should finally do it; Bleed is now overall less dangerous than Poison, but if it gets stacked several times, it can be devastating to a character or enemy, and will gradually reduce the target's physical strength (I mean, hey, anyone that's experienced blood loss before will know you start to feel woozy. XD )

At the moment, I'm trying to stay motivated, though there's been some... health issues in the family, to say the least. While I'm not the one dealing with such issues, it is affecting me emotionally somewhat, so staying focused isn't quite as easy. But I'll make it through.


  1. Regarding the Zambeh ailment, do you think you could add some sort of function so that it's more useful? Since there's no way to use healing spells on the enemy, and many enemies don't heal, I didn't find myself using it.

    Furthermore, during the one boss fight it could of been useful, the fight with Joshscorcher and the Autarch, they're both immune.

    Maybe the Zambeh ailment could also slightly reduce a target's stats (10-20%) or decrease their critical evasion.

    By the way, did you get the Skype request I sent you?

    1. ...I never thought of that. It's generally something that the enemy uses, though it would be helpful to negate healing on the few that do use it.

      Also I didn't get it.

    2. Huh, that's weird. I sent my request to camelslayer01 (ChrisMccoy). Maybe you could send a request to mine? (I'm also BlackLiquidSorrow there)

  2. So, quick question.
    Remember that sidequest that I came up with a while back? You know, the love potion quest with Prelich?
    Are you going to implement that quest in the game at all? Just curious.

    1. He is going to but he said that it's pretty complex so far.

    2. Not quite a "love potion" quest, though the idea of (attempting) to romance Tambot came up repeatedly, so yeah. Though making a dating sim in RPG Maker, the paths, consequences and everything are all kinda complex.