Thursday, November 27, 2014

11/28 Progress, and What's Left

I managed to get quite a bit of stuff done today, surprisingly. The odd thing is, I seem to work more while playing Cards Against Humanity with people. Why? Balls if I know, I just do for some frikkin' reason.

I fully finished one superboss while also making all user stone possible to steal. The steal rates are higher than the base drop rates. Most steals range anywhere from 7-11%, as opposed to the standard drop rate of 3-5%.

So here's what's left:

3 Quests 
-The only one I KNOW will take a while is the Tambot Date. One might take a few days, the last could be done in a few hours tops if I put some effort into it.

********SPOILER ALERTS********
Make Chaos Metroid
-So people probably remember me talking about this from... gawd, a year ago maybe? It was something I was simply going to patch in. But, it's probably little secret that there's a souped up version of the final boss should the player defeat the Goat of Chaos. Except the thing is- there's two potential final bosses, Camelslayer and the Metroid. Camelslayer changes if the Goat is defeated- the Metroid does not. I'm fixing this so you don't have a level 60-70 final boss after having defeated a superboss.
********SPOILER ALERTS END********

Make an area
-Shouldn't take long.

So in other words- 3 quests, one boss, and an area. After that? Testing. It's a lot more work than it sounds but hey, it's almost done.

Grave Story stuff? Nothing really that I want to talk about, other than I'm contemplating whether I want to add elemental status effects in. It'd allow a little more potential variety to attacks, but I also don't want to annoy the pants off people either, so I could really use some feedback on that.

Anyway, that's all for now.


  1. Why are the steal rates so low?

    As for the elemental status effects, it would really depend what you have in mind for their functions.

    Lastly, have you decided on a menu for Forum Fantasy yet?

    1. -Because those are the base steal rates only. It scales on Luck; with Prelich's Luck, it's a flat 12% increased Steal Rate at max level with no Luck bonuses, on top of the fact that the Left Hand of the Devil increases it by 10%. This isn't counting other means of increasing Luck. So at the end of the day, stealing shouldn't be a problem.

      I might talk a little more about what I was thinking of doing in terms of elemental effects the next blog update.

      I just stuck with the one used in Grave Story. It's a nice menu, I like it, and I put the total number of users banned on the side.

  2. Hm, testing's coming soon? Interesting.
    Are you going to basically look for candidates like previously or simply go for the ones you already had before?

    1. Honestly, as much as I hate to say this, most of the beta testers were... unreliable. Excluding myself, of the 8 testers I did have, I only got extensive feedback from 3. I heard from the others maybe once, if at all.

      What's likely to happen is I'll ask people I explicitly trust will give me what I need.

    2. Honestly, this might sound like begging, but I'd release a demo.
      Sure, it'd be somewhat small and it wouldn't help test the full game, but you'd still get some more feedback in a few key areas.
      Same thing happened with your Grave Story demo in V3.
      ...I think it was V3.

    3. There's really no point. Virtually all the content would be there, it's just it'd be locked. So everyone would basically be downloading the full game while being unable to play all of it. Which is kinda pointless.

      The difference with Grave Story is it had just been started. This is more or less a content update. I'll just send it to a few people for testing, fix what needs fixing and release it.