Sunday, November 9, 2014

Forum Fantasy Update Progress, ETA, and Other Stuff

Seeing how I never visit the Chaos Theater anymore, and the desire to do so is almost non-existent, the easiest way for people to keep up to date on what's going on will be listed here.

Yes, I know, ironic- little/no desire to be part of the CT forum, updating a game involving it. Funny how life works, isn't it?

So one of the things I really needed to do was to sit down and figure out what I had left to do- and when looking at it from that angle, there's really not much.  I have:

-5 quests left to do, 2 of which will likely take no more than an hour or two to fully create
-About 4-5 bosses to make, and finding appropriate themes to accompany them
-A few areas to make/finish
-Find a theme for an already-complete boss
-Test the whole flippin' thing

It's a little more than it sounds, but at the same time, it's not that much either. Given my issues with SCP-____-J being in my possession (it's a rock that makes you procrastinate) and pressing matters in real life, it's been important that I put the scope of what needs doing into perspective. More often than not, this can help with motivational issues when you can sorta see the end of the tunnel, but not quite there yet. The most daunting part is still the Tambot date, as I have to basically create a dating sim in RPG maker- but I'm a determined mofo. And I really want it to happen (with a really interesting easter egg as well if you remember that I tend to consider literally everything.)

Regardless, in terms of time to complete- it really should've been done months ago. I acknowledge that. I am going to try to make sure it's done by the end of the year. My GOAL, however, is the end of the month. Do not hold me to that, but once it hits testing, I'll be able to provide a more accurate timeframe. I want to get it done anyway because I'm dying to work on Grave Story, and I'm trying to avoid delaying something I was supposed to get done sooner for something that's going to take more thought and time.


While it's unrelated to Forum Fantasy, I did do a few things in Grave Story- namely looking at status effects, changing how some of them function, and looking at ways to create Curses- a type of magic I'd really like to add if I can figure out a good way to create them. I've also been further refining the story details, and so forth; most of this has been done on the side when I don't feel like doing anything in RPG Maker, however.

And yes, I know some of you probably think it's dead. No. It's not. I know of a few people on the CT in specific that have been telling others its dead with no proof of the matter. While I understand the assumption, it's also important for you guys to understand that I do have a life... and that more pressing matters are going to take priority. Also assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME (get it? You better.) So don't assume. Just ask. I don't start projects like this and not follow through with them. I might procrastinate to Alpha Centauri and back, but I'll get it done... eventually.

Well anyway, that's about it, but I will try to update here at the very least once a week tops, maybe more if there's anything substantial to talk about.


  1. 1. What are you changing with the status effects?

    2. How would curses function?

    3. If Gemsteam has a blog, would you link me to it?

    4. I have a blog for my game.

    1. 1) All I really did was altering some scaling and stuff, and made Bleed less like Poison.

      2) Well that's the thing- I don't know. Hence I was looking for a way for it to function.

      3) To my knowledge, he doesn't.

      4) I'll look at it.