Sunday, December 21, 2014

Forum Fantasy Has Been Patched

So there's good news and bad news.
The bad news is you probably need to redownload the whole game.

The good news? That's the last time you'll have to do that. The patch system does seem to work, so the next time a problem arises like this, it won't be a redownload, it'll be a few KB's. The download link has been updated, so just go here to get it again.

-No longer crashes when fighting Camelslayer in the Crystal Prison
-No longer crashes when trying to shop in the Caves of Madness
-Krazier Incarnation D's Stinger no longer crashes the game
-Amaterasutheredeemer's Power Stroke has been rebalanced; a level 99 Prelich wearing no equipment can no longer do literally half a million damage
-Patch system has been implemented; how to install patches will be explained when the need arises

Transferring Save Files
Save files are located in the folder with the game. After extracting the newer version, simply copy and paste the save files over, and play.


  1. Hey just a heads-up. I've spotted another bug. I tried pulling off a refresher/heal combo to get Prelich cured of zambeh status but I messed up my prediction and the heal went through first. Instead of damaging him, it actually healed him.

    1. I'll look into that; there's a few minor things that could use patching anyway so might be the "moment of truth" for the patch system, so to speak. XD

  2. Wow, game is so much better no Camel, and that ofline spell, just bloody awesome.

    Happy holidays btw.

    1. I meant to up the duration on that; 200 steps is surprisingly not a lot. But yeah, seeing how a lot of people had surprising issues with the encounter rate, Appear Offline seemed like something people would want.

      And thanks. Happy holidays to you too.

  3. Also, hate to ask, but any plans to put up a guide somewhere for all the quests?

    So far, grave searching, and Crystal hunting have been hard, it would be much apreciated if we could maybe get a guide here, cause searched it quite a bit, and coudnt find a guide for em.

    Also, that fucking Solaire and #420 Crystals, godamit man, my sides!