Saturday, December 20, 2014

Forum Fantasy Needs Patching.

Can you say you're surprised?

Yeah, I knew this was going to happen, something was inevitably going to go under everyone's radar. There's currently 3 things known that are wrong:

1) Fighting Camelslayer in the Crystal Prison at the beginning will crash the game.
2) Talking to the merchant in the Caves of Madness will crash the game.
3) This won't break the game, but Amaterasutheredeemer's skill, Power Stroke, has the potential to one-shot every superboss in the game at max level while wearing no equipment at all. The formula was messed up big time, and it accidentally multiplies current MP with Attack. Yeeeeeaaaahhh......

All of these are, thankfully, easily avoidable, so if you'd like to disregard them for the time being, then please do. If not.. well there will be a fixed download up at some point.

This patch won't be coming out immediately though. I have a patcher that needs to be put in first. This will allow me to upload only what needs fixed, and it'll be put in a Patch folder, basically dropping the required download from the whole freaking 700 MB to a few hundred KB at max. It's a little difficult to figure out though so I need to figure it out before I bother releasing it. But once that's done, life will be simpler. For everyone.


  1. Well everyone makes mistakes. The good thing is that these mistakes are known and that you're working on fixing them and that's already good.

    1. I did find one more bug in the deranged village. Fairly easy to fix. The vines on the walls? You can climb them to get out of the map. Not like it does anything important but it was something that I didn't know whether or not you wanted it in there.

  2. A bit late to the game, but I did find a bug that does do something important. After you capture Bigfoot in the Demon City at Civitatem, there's still a fightable Bigfoot sprite walking around, as if you hadn't captured him. This makes the Demon Zoo sidequest impossible to complete since it seems the game still recognizes Bigfoot as roaming the Demon City and no matter how many times I try to capture him/her, they keep coming back.