Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Forum Fantasy Release Date, Grave Story Stuff


December 19th. This Friday. The download link will be here. Just... in another post.

Testing is basically done. Every known issue has been dealt with. While I COULD release it tomorrow, my upload speed isn't exactly what I'd call good, and this gives me a few days breathing room in case the game catches on fire, the programming starts a revolution against the developing scum, or whatever. I have enough time to put out the flaming game and squash programming rebellions.

Now... on to Grave Story stuff.
I've been complaining about having idea issues for elemental blights- namely Water and Holy. Well I do think I have an idea for Holy- which is to reduce the target's damage with Decay and Shadow- basically, it's unholy suppression. The only problem is the scripts I need to do this are apparently incompatible with one of my other scripts, and I get to determine which one.
As for Water, it will likely drop Lightning resistance and Stamina charge rate (TP.) I'm trying to think of a replacement for TP though, seeing how TP won't really be used by enemies, so it'd only be effective against the player. But I can live with that if it's my only option. A stackable lightning resistance debuff would be nice.

Aside from that, not a lot going on there. Just come back on Friday, and I'll have the updated Forum Fantasy.


  1. Alright! Can't wait to show my fami- No wait bad idea... They're a tad too young for Forum fantasy.

  2. Hmmm... The only way I can think of fixing your ailment problem is to set up custom damage formulae for Decay and Shadow spells that reduces the base damage if the user is inflicted with the Holy ailment.

  3. Yeah, please don't show Forum Fantasy to really young people. I don't want to be a bad influence on children. XD

    As far as the element problem- it's not script related. All three of the scripts I tried, the writers were simply wrong about them working on States. So I'm slightly afraid that you're right, I may have to do something regarding formulas.