Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Forum Fantasy Testing Progress, and Grave Story Stuff

You'd be surprised how much a new engine can cause trouble.

So far, a large majority of the bugs have been squashed. Most of them surprised me- they popped up in places I didn't expect them to, but seeing how things work very differently in VX Ace, I can't really say I'm surprised. But as of the moment, the Autarch and I are both done testing, the others... not so much, but I'm patient. It's feeling a lot less dirty. Such dirty RPG Maker game.

I'm pretty confident it'll be next week, but I'll wait to be sure.

So while testing, I did a little side work on Grave Story. Because I think it's obvious by now I'm dying to do stuff with it, I have more ideas than I know what to do with.
Elemental status effects are a thing, and they're quite neat. I've likely mentioned it before, but they're each listed as blights, as a way of paying tribute to Monster Hunter for inspiring the idea in the first place. While other status effects will not have these, elemental status effects will have animations that loop in the affected. For example- hit someone with the fire effect and they'll be set on fire. Electric? They'll pulse with electricity. So on and so forth. Here's a screenshot of Shadowblight-

Speaking of which, thanks to BlackLiquidSorrow, I do have a script that'll let Shadowblight do exactly what I wanted- attacking a target that is affected with Shadowblight will heal you for a percentage of the damage. Basically, everyone gets lifesteal against a specific target. The only sad thing is it can't stack like I wanted, but eh. I imagine Shadowblight would get pretty broken if it could stack.

I STILL need ideas for Water and Holy, so if you have any ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.


  1. Not sure if you want to hear suggestions from some one you don't know, but I have some thoughts to those elemental effects. For water, maybe have the effect adjust the target's elemental weaknesses slightly, such as lowering resistance to ice and lightning , but raising resistance to fire.
    I'm not sure about holy, but if you could have something as complex as that shadowblight, maybe holy could have an effect to restrict life and mana draining moves from a target?
    Just some thoughts . . .

    1. I welcome thoughts from anyone. Feedback is feedback, I don't care where it's from. Plus I know who you are, just we never really spoke much. :P

      I was thinking of dropping Lightning resistance, but I feel like I should do something else other than just "you now take more lightning damage", you know? In Monster Hunter, it has an impact on your stamina, because cold and wet. I'm trying to think along those lines, but still not sure.

      Shadowblight is only possible through a script; there are others out there that allow for unique status effects as well. I would consider restriction to drains, but there's barely any in the game in the first place. Though the idea of restricting dark power in general is one I might be able to use.

  2. "Plus I know who you are"

    That's surprising, I didn't think I was very memorable.

    "Shadowblight is only possible through a script"

    I saw, I just thought that if there was a script for something that specific and (I assume) complex, that one to restrict drains wouldn't be as . . . uh, unlikely? (there was probably a better way to say that.)

    1. Seeing how I was an admin on the CT, and spent a lot of time monitoring, combined with the fact that the CT is a pretty small community, it's quite easy to recognize usernames. Even for those that I didn't really communicate with that often.

      The script is surprisingly simple (12 lines of code, kinda blew me away, seeing how most are in the hundreds or even thousands), but the problem is finding what I want/need. I only got the one for Shadowblight because BlackLiquidSorrow happened to stumble across it. The difficult part is the scripting community for VXA is either a lot smaller or a lot worse than its VX counterpart.
      But seeing how drains aren't particularly common in Grave Story (I try to avoid them), your suggestion did give me the idea of restricting dark power in general. So for Holy, I'm thinking of looking for a way to reduce a target's damage output with Shadow and Decay.