Friday, December 5, 2014

Forum Fantasy Update Testing Has Commenced

Actually it started yesterday. I just didn't bother posting about it.

There's a surprising amount of bugs I didn't anticipate seeing. Unexpected side-effects of porting, no doubt. But yeah, I have a small number of testers, including myself, doing this. It will likely take a few days, seeing how it is a 20+ hour game, and seeing how unexpected things are breaking that I wouldn't anticipate breaking.... well virtually everything has to be tested then in order to make sure it's... you know, working. It's odd, the game almost feels dirty now. Such dirty RPG Maker game.

Anyway, once that's done, and bugfixing is being done, I'll post a release date. A week or two is still a good estimate though. Consider it an early Christmas present.


  1. Alright guys, cue drumroll, get the cider ready, and bring me the party pony.
    Forum Fantasy ver. Kraken is coming soon...

  2. *Hands over Pinkie Pie* And the cider is being made in back