Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Grave Story- Finalized Element Status, 3rd Character, Etc.

So since I'm back in the swing of things, I can talk about things a little more.

First off, it's probably about time I introduce the third character in the party. I may introduce the fourth... but I'm not sure yet. Fourth character is... exotic, to say the least. Regardless:

This is Yolanda. Yolanda is your stereotypical sassy black woman who don't need no man. If you're offended, don't worry- I plan on picking on virtually everyone in the world before this game is done. Also would like to note that being offended over such petty things is... well, petty.

Anyway, Yolanda is the default fighter of the group. Her default class is a Knight, which she becomes more offensive the more defensive she is. Basically, Knight skills tend to scale on Defense, which reward her for getting lots of armor. This class will also compliment the Advanced Fighter class, Defender, which is basically the tank.
As for her other classes? Well I won't spoil one, but the other gives her guns. Just sayin'.

Now as of the past few updates, I did talk about elemental status effects, which I can thankfully say has been completed, and the issues I was having with several elements is pretty much taken care of. Here's the finalized list:

While I wasn't able to get Holy to stack, I was able to get it to do what I wanted through the use of the wonderful damage formulas that VX Ace has built in. But Purify will reduce the target's damage with Shadow and Decay spells, as well as reducing the stat scaling they get. While it is a bit specific, do remember that this is an army of undead that you're up against, so quite a few will be using unholy powers.

Now, in terms of elemental status effects, there was one thing I feel I should point out- increasing your resistance to an element will also increase your resistance to the status effect. So if you get 5% Ice resistance, you'll get a 5% resistance to Frozen. This way it keeps things simple, and you don't have to guess at your resistance to them.

Last thing I want to talk about are weapons. They're a little more complex than they were in Forum Fantasy, but the picture below explains it quite simply.

Some may recognize this same model from other games, such as Overlord, in which swords were less powerful yet faster, whereas maces were stronger, yet slower (and axes fall in the middle.) Obviously this doesn't mean every mace will be better than every sword, but it is a general rule that the weapons are following, and the three physical damage types do have certain traits to them. This is, however, only a general guide, and not necessarily how EVERY weapon will work (a staff is a pretty quick weapon and isn't as likely to hurt as much as a sword.)
There are other weapon types, but most of them function slightly differently from the basics.

But anyway, I think that's it for now.


  1. U Fokin Wot.

    Yolanda?From THAT thing?

    If there isnt a gigantic sword named Dick Whisperer, then godamm Camel. I will be disapointed.

    1. It's actually a really weird coincidence. She was gonna be named Shanaynay or something like that, but that's a lot more of a pain to type than Yolanda. And Yolanda sounds pretty black. XP
      I forgot about the existence of that story until you said something.
      But now that you mention it...

  2. I hate to ask Camel, especially here, but is there any specific strategy or item used to battle Falora?

    As of so far, having defeated bot Elder Evils, grinded a ton for money, weapons, and generaly, doing everything but the Crystals quest and the zoo thing, I simply cannot beat him.

    Maximum damage I could do is of about 250k, then he spawns Pinkamena and Frozen Picachu, between her ripping my party, frozen insta-killing a random member or debuffing everyone, and with Falora himself, either spamming Red, Psycotics Lust or Shock Imagery, and the rather little window of time one has to actualy kill either one of the supporters, and the already mentioned lethality of them, both individualy and as a group, I simply cant do it.

    Ive tried about 20 times Camel, and I know hes weak to fire, but I wiped the floor with the Goat, Eating Problem Snail and Nymphomaniac Tentacle Monster who intended to literaly blow the world with his load...

    But I simply cant beat this lil shit.

    Help?Any item that sverely damages him?Or do I simply need to grind till I have perfect characters stat wise, and pray to RNGesus?

    1. Bloody Rosaries can work wonders with that fight. When his minions spawn, focus them first. Aside from that I don't know what else to say.

    2. Only found 2 of them bloody bastards!

      1 in yer room, 1 in a chest in Botlantis, I believ at the maze level.

      Nobody sells em, like they used to, and unless I somehow missed 2 more in the world, im screwed.

      So, any other locations, are am I just gonna need plain luck?

      Regardless, thanks anyways.

    3. There's only 2 in the game. They're kinda OP items so had to limit the allowed number.