Friday, January 30, 2015

Grave Story- Elite Enemies, Skins, etc.

So I'm still working on the motivation issues, but I'm getting that sorted out. Time heals all, so to speak.

Thankfully I do have things to show and talk about for the week.

First off, I have been working on the next town, and advancing the story. So yes, finally doing some mapping.

Since I previously mentioned destructible cities and the notebook in the last entry, I had been trying to think of ways to allow the player to monitor the status of a city after meeting certain conditions. Well, I figured out a way to make this happen using the notebook. The player will be able to obtain Sight Stones, which will grant them the ability to see what's going on in a city/town. Basically, it'll add a notebook entry under a Sight Stones category, which will display a short description, HP, Defense, and a threat level.

One of the other things I added a while back was elite enemies. Those of you familiar with games like Torchlight, Path of Exile, Dungeons of Dredmor, and other dungeon crawler-esque games probably have a general idea of this, though I'm taking my own spin on it. These games often have elite mobs, which have random names, random stats, and are generally bigger douche bags than your typical enemies. I'm SORTA doing this, except they aren't randomly generated.

Elite enemies are basically recolors, though they are given individual attention, much like any other enemy. The one you see above is probably the first one you'll encounter- Bok, the Bathtub Menace. Most will have names as retarded as this one (thank Dungeons of Dredmor for that bit of inspiration). Bok is a water-based corpse that'll happily bombard you with water magic. These elite enemies will not respawn after being killed, but they will generally have unique drops; Bok, for example, has a water-based weapon for you to obtain. They'll usually be invisible enemies roaming the world map that will initiate a battle on contact, although in cases where enemies are visibly roaming the map, they'll simply be one of the encounters.

Another thing that's been implemented for a while is skins. As in, you can completely change a character's appearance.

Skins are items you can obtain that'll give characters a new look. Those of you that are familiar with League of Legends or other MOBA's probably have a pretty good grasp on how this works. They're items that can be used from your inventory that'll display a preview, as shown above, as well as an option to equip it or to simply cancel. There are multiples for each character, and these will generally be pretty rare- likely quest rewards, elite enemy drops, and so forth. I'm aiming for at least 5 alternate skins per character, with one being a legendary skin, so to speak. As in they'll likely drop from a superboss or some other exceptionally difficult task.

After using a skin for the first time, you'll also get a Default Skin placed in your inventory, that way you can switch back and forth at any time. These are purely cosmetic, and have no impact on gameplay.

On a much more minor note, those that read the post regarding Stamina know that it's a thing. Well, following Gemsteam's advice, Guarding will now recover Stamina, giving more of a reason to actually do it. You're welcome.

That's about it for now.

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