Monday, January 19, 2015

Grave Story- Sorry for the delay.

Yeah, I realize it's been some time since I've made a post. Been dealing with apathy lately, trying to actually care about doing stuff. Difficult sometimes but I'll get through it. Probably better than depression at least. Also Blogger is pissing me off because it won't let me link images from Imgur that I haven't made public. Up yours, Google.

Anyway, enough about my life. But for the most part, due to that, I haven't really done much with Grave Story lately, even though I'd like to. Just haven't been up to it, but I'm putting an effort into it at least. One thing I have done is a Notebook- the name of it will likely change, as "Notebook" sounds weird to me.

Basically what this does is it adds an option on your menu for reading books and lore. Any readable books in your inventory will be listed here and can be read at any time... except combat. It will also make lore entries, which are slightly different from books.

Lore entries will display a character's thoughts and knowledge about a particular subject. In the above example, it's showing Xiralv's knowledge regarding Death, which is a starting Lore entry. Necromancy is also a starting entry for lore. Books are obviously just the contents of the pages rather than a specific character's thoughts.

...This is obviously a mockup of a book, but you get the general idea. But this will allow me to present story and lore in a way other than dialogue or crappy dialogue box books that I wasn't fond of in Forum Fantasy. It makes such things much easier to read, and it's much more convenient. Not to mention if I want to do some Dark Souls level of hidden lore, I can potentially do it through this.

I may have more categories later on; not sure yet, we'll see how it goes.

Also you can press F5 to go fullscreen now, since the built-in fullscreen function for RPG Maker is a gigantic POS and rarely works right.


  1. Heh, glad ta know atleast ya aint depressed, that shit blows like hell, eh?

    Shame no major progress has been done, but you will manage im sure of it.

    Even if a bit of shambles,Forum was ever so delightful to fuck around with, lets see what else ya got in store for Grave, eh?

  2. Sounds pretty interesting, Camelslayer. By the way I found a bunch of really high quality animations! (Unfortunately my Skype has been acting up so I couldn't send you these through that.)