Monday, February 9, 2015

Grave Story & Prepare to Die

So those of you who've been paying attention know I've been in a bit of a creative rut for a while regarding RPG Maker. This happened several times with Forum Fantasy, and I wasn't entirely surprised for it to happen with Grave Story. Thankfully, I came prepared.

So you remember Prepare to Die? I wouldn't be surprised if the answer is no, as I didn't talk about it much. It's kinda been a side project of mine that I was basically working on for... well, ruts like this one I'm in. I originally had a game known as Dracula vs. The Metroids, which later evolved into this.

Even more obscure question- are you aware of the Autarch's REALLY old game known as "So You Think You're Good At Video Games"? It came out way back in the day before the Chaos Theatre was basically just a site to post the Greatest Game Character series... way to make some of us feel old. But anyway, this game was all about boss battles, and it was exceedingly difficult. As in, one-shot-kill difficult. Well, I decided at some point to make a spin-off of this game, which I do believe the Autarch considers it a spiritual successor.

History aside, you simply fight bosses. You're a demon with various attacks at your disposal to kill bosses. That's pretty much all there is to it. I've worked on it here and there on the side, adding features, bosses, etc. Such as allowing transformation into a bigger, more badass demon with stronger attacks.
Well it's hit the point that I have maybe 4-5 bosses left to make, which in all honesty, isn't that much. Especially when I can make one in several hours, given enough inspiration, resources, etc. to do so (and it doesn't require a lot of complex coding.)

But yeah. I've been working on this lately, and making a lot of progress. If it's done before long, I'll put it up for people to suffer.

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