Sunday, March 1, 2015

Camelslayer is an Idiot

I dun goof'd. Like, bad.

So, my laptop is now incapable of turning on. As such, I'm making this post from my WiiU. But, yeah, I don't exactly have Grave Story or Prepare to Die backed up anywhere, so they're on hold until something is done about my computer. It isn't FUBAR (or at least I hope not) but yeah... ISN'T LIFE GREAT? SHIT HAPPENS.

EDIT: I fixed it. False alarm. But allow this to be a lesson to all- back up your projects. For the love of god, back up your stuff. I'm fortunate that it was a simple power strip disconnected from the motherboard- I just didn't know how to put it back in (insert innuendo here).
Anyway... false alarm, I suppose.


  1. Gah... here's hoping you can get it fixed. Had one go down like that for me and one thing I can advise is this: get someone who's actually a repairman to look at the processor. Mine died when the connectors broke from it. Granted yours might not be that but it doesn't hurt to check. Could also be the soldering on the motherboard came off and you need new stuff for that... One other thing I can advise is to always have some way to get the air moving through your laptop. I advise a cooling pad for this purpose but propping it up with something also helps...

    On a separate note... Any advice for damage formulas in rpgmaker vx ace? You kinda inspired me to try my hand at my own game and... well the damage formulas are being a pain.

    1. I actually know exactly what the problem was- the strip underneath the power button disconnected from the motherboard. I got help from the Lenovo forums, which quickly told me how to fix it. Yay.

      Now, as far as damage formulas- first thing I can say is don't get intimidated by it. It looks complicated, but it's really not. For starters, you can hover your mouse over the formula bar and it'll tell you most everything you need to know- stat abbreviations and such. But I'll give a quick explanation.

      The default formula for an attack looks something like this:

      a.atk*4 - b.def*2

      The "a" before "atk" (obviously Attack) indicates that the stat comes from the character/monster using the attack. the "b" means the person being targeted. So it works something like this:

      User's Attack * 4 - Target's Defense * 2

      Of course you can replace Atk with Mat (Magic Attack) or whatever you want. You can even get fancy with formulas and make them scale with variables and whether a status effect is inflicted upon the target, but that's more complicated stuff, so won't go into that. Point being though, the formula bar is ridiculously versatile. Heck, some of Yolanda's skills in her default class scale the damage on her Defense.

      But yeah, hope that helps.

    2. If you want to get into the really advanced stuff, this is a good tutorial.