Monday, March 2, 2015

Progress on Thaangs, 3/2/15

Yeah, I know- post so soon after a near panic? Might as well, seeing as I haven't really said much about what I've been doing lately.

I've previously mentioned that I've been focusing a lot on Prepare to Die, though I have done a little on Grave Story. Mostly in terms of writing lore (which I surprisingly really like), but I do have Sight Stones fully functional.

Now, you may remember from back in this post that cities are threatened in the game, under the conditions that all essential quests are completed involving the city, and/or the player has arrived at the city (or at the very least seen it from the world map.) I also mentioned on this post that I was looking into adding Sight Stones, which is what the above picture is. A Sight Stone will reveal a city's condition. Specifically how you'll acquire them, I have yet to figure out; however I can say it's not exactly going to be difficult to get one from a city. Regardless, this will allow the players to see the condition of cities without worrying about it while balls deep in a dungeon. So if a town is in jeopardy, it'll, more or less, be your fault if you don't check. Unless you simply don't care about the fate of people, of  course.

The last icon on the picture is the Threat level, which I'm still trying to figure out how I should implement it. "Low", "Medium", and "High" is too vague, so I've decided against that. I've considered the average of the range (the Mean, for you mathematicians), as it makes the most sense, but there's other ways I can do it too.

Another thing I'm implementing (thank god I decided this early enough) is to give popup notifications if you can interact with something, as seen below.

For a moment, I almost decided not to implement this, but its usefulness is honestly kinda staggering. I still remember watching TyrannoGamer's and Finndread's playthroughs of Forum Fantasy, and one thing I did notice was that they often checked everything- even if it couldn't be activated. This is an obvious frustration for players, and I found this nice script that will fade in text if a player can interact with something. Once the player is no longer facing it or steps away, the text will fade out. It's really nice, and incredibly useful. This way you'll know if something can be interacted with or not, from telling you that you can talk to someone or even if a door is locked or not.

Aside from that, since Prepare to Die is kinda what I've been focusing on lately, I only have 3 bosses left- so hopefully before long that should be done. Unless I opt to go back to Grave Story, as I'm really feeling it, but who knows. I'll figure it out later.

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