Monday, March 9, 2015

Updates 3/9/15

So I'm trying to get back into weekly updates. Hopefully this will also motivate me a little more, as I'll want something to show when I can.

I've been feeling a lot more motivated to work on Grave Story again. Sometimes you just need a break.

I don't have a lot to show regarding Grave Story- most of the stuff worth showing is stuff I put in last week's post. And what else I do have is stuff I don't want to show. But anyway, I decided to go on a hunt for a notification system of some kind. Now I have this.

Previously, the journal notification would put a little book over your head to let you know that your journal had been updated. I was never really fond of this, but it was all I really had. Once I added the notebook (which is now called the Codex, by the way... not sure why I didn't think of calling it that beforehand), I knew I needed to figure something out. Now there's this nice popup at the top corner that will tell you when either the Codex or Journal has been updated. Or both, if necessary.

Since I started giving a few details regarding Prepare to Die, there was one thing that people kept bringing up- the lack of any kind of damage indicator to the player. There's generally audio clues indicating when you've hit the boss, but not really vice versa. I felt like there was enough sound cues as is, so I decided to go with a visual one.

Some of you are probably familiar with the red boarder trick, it's used in a lot of FPS games. And to my surprise, it works pretty well here too; I never found myself guessing when I'd been hit. It's subtle and quick enough to let you know that you've taken damage without being completely invasive, or forcing you to stare at your health bar the entire time.

But that's about all that's worth sharing. For now.


  1. 1.What was wrong with the old notification system?

    2. Really like the new U.I for Prepare to Die.

    1. Well, for starters, a book over your head is kind of obscure. I imagine someone would play it and be like "Why the balls is there a book over my head?" Plus since I have a Codex now, which I want to show notifications for too, it had to change. I can't have two bubbles over the player's head at the same time, and this is a lot more clear than a book.

      It's less of a deal that it's ineffective, and more that it'll only work if there's only one thing that can be updated.