Sunday, April 5, 2015

Progress 4/5/15

So yes, I know I've not been posting much recently. But there's a reason. No, it's not laziness.

As you've probably figured, most of the key features regarding Grave Story are in. There's not a whole heck of a lot left I can show without spoiling things I don't want to spoil. So, updates will probably be a little less frequent, but that's fine, I suppose.

For those that have played Forum Fantasy, you're undoubtedly aware of the PM Center. I'm doing something mildly similar in Grave Story. Since I'm playing around with the concept of multiple planes/dimensions/etc., some people in the world began utilizing the Astral Plane as a way of quickly getting around the world. Basically they walked into another dimension, and then out another doorway to end up in another part of the world. There will be some lore behind it, and why regular people don't use it (usually), but I'll leave that for in-game lore to find.

But, a big thing that's going to have an impact on progress is real life. I am going to be leaving the state to look for jobs in bigger areas, and as such, that could adversely affect any and all progress for months. When I do get a job, get a more permanent residence, and get settled, things will change. But aside from that, just a heads up.


  1. What kind of field are you trying to get into?

  2. Long term plan is to get into game design, but I have yet to finish school. Which I need money I don't have for that. So at the moment I'm just seeing what I can find. I'd be headed to a big place, so it won't be difficult to find a decent job.

  3. i recently refound forum fantasy (this is like my third time since the previous 2 had issue when my laptops broke) but i'm glad your doing well still and hope you find a good job so you can finish up with schooling :)