Monday, May 18, 2015

Grave Story- Bestiary

I never thought I'd say this- but I found a VX Ace bestiary that I actually like.

Most either look like crap, require a lot of work on the dev's part to add enemies into said bestiary, or they simply lack some things that don't work with what I have in Grave Story- like element count, for example.

This is, obviously, the page for the Wolf. One thing you'll notice is that Elemental Resistances have their values while the stats are not visible yet. Why? Well, this bestiary script does something interesting that I like- it gives you the option to unlock information about a monster based on how many times you've killed it. For example, I can set it so Elemental Resistances only display after you've killed 15 of that enemy type. I can set it so stats only display after 30 kills. And there's ways around this for enemies such as bosses, as you can manually force the data into the bestiary. But, it looks nice, it works nice, and it's quite versatile.

It also allows the player to press Shift while an enemy is selected to pull up known information (minus drops, gold, experience gain, etc.), allowing you to use whatever knowledge you have of the enemy to your benefit. It does support a Scan spell, so I will work one in eventually, though I need to figure out how exactly it'll work. Requiring you to kill, say, 20 Wolves to unlock their stats seems a bit pointless when you can scan the enemy and figure all that out instantly. So some form of balancing may be required for this. I could perhaps use the crafting system for this.


Off topic from the bestiary, Spectral is now an official element. wasn't exactly intending on adding another "official" element (racial elements will likely exist, such as 'vs. Demons' that's hidden), but incorporeal undead will inevitably play a huge part in this game. While they won't be as common as corporeal undead obviously, they will exist to play the role of a different challenge from just smacking things with your sword. Magic will obviously be able to affect ghosts to some degree, though won't be as effective as essentially hitting them in the Spirit Realm with Spectral attacks. This also brought up an interesting addition to Xiralv's Enchanter class I didn't think of- Spectral Enchantment. Spectral Weapon has since been added (thanks to BlackLiquidSorrow for the suggestion.) I'm trying to figure out if there's any other enemy type that might inherently be vulnerable to Spectral attacks; I might figure this out later.


  1. Thanks for crediting me!
    1. Whose bestiary script is that and can it display item drops?
    2. How exactly would the crafting system connect with the bestiary?

    1. It's Venka's Bestiary Logbook v1.8, and it indeed can display item drops.

      I contemplated the idea of crafting scanning stones of some kind. No guarantee I'd do it but still.