Friday, May 27, 2016

Preparing to Finish Prepare to Die

Yes, I'm not dead. Yet.

I realize it's been a considerable amount of time since I've posed anything here, let alone had anything to do with game development. Life, yo. It's not always kind. For whatever reason, I always have the worst procrastination issues the closer something is to being done, I really don't get it.

Anyway, I decided that in order to get myself back in the mood to finish this particular monkey on my back, I'd play it from start to finish. So I did. And then ideas just came flowing. I managed to make the first phase of the final boss fairly challenging, and wrote down the attacks and plans for the final form. Problem I'm wanting to address is preventing attack spamming; a lot of the bosses tend to have a pattern or so, or attacks are on a cooldown of sorts before they'll use them again. In the case of the final boss, attacks are chosen at random. So I'm getting a bit of help with coding something in to prevent attack spamming (because some would be horrific.)

After that, need to slip in some easter eggs, probably rearrange the order of some (the second boss is notably more difficult than all the other bosses I created, for example, since he's a zoning bastard) and probably a couple other tweaks. I also want to look into controller support as well, if possible.

But yeah. That's about it. As usual, I won't give an ETA because there's no point, seeing as I never stick to them anyway.

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