Friday, December 19, 2014

Forum Fantasy Updated

The update to Forum Fantasy is here.

Warning: This game contains content that may not be suitable for everyone.
As such, I will not be held responsible if you are offended by such things, or
are simply too young to be playing this. Content may include:
-Suggestive Themes
-Crude Humor (just about every kind, really)
-General stupidity
-Alcohol/Drug use

You have been warned. Anyone complaining about being offended by such material
will be laughed at and asked why they were too lazy to read the bold red text, or too
foolish to take said bold red text into consideration before playing.

There are patch notes included in the files, so you know what's changed. There might be a few inaccuracies (seeing how there was a lot of work that went into it) but such inaccuracies aren't far from the truth, should they exist.

1) Extract .rar file.
2) Select game. Play. Bam. Done.

Q: Is it Free?
A: If you have to ask this when there's a download link at the top of this post, I fear for your sanity.

Q: How do I open the file?
A: You'll need a file extraction program that can read .rar files. WinRAR works pretty well. While VXA has an extractor, it tends to get finicky with larger file sizes, as I've noticed, and it doesn't usually include manuals or such. Which is in the files.
I did not update the manual, mainly because I didn't remember until now, but should it become a big deal, I can update it and upload it here.

Q: It isn't saving my files! What's going on?
A: You're doing something wrong. The most common cause of this is you're probably opening the .rar file as opposed to extracting it. It is incapable of saving files into a compressed program, hence it won't save.
Alternatively, make sure it has permission to save files into said folder. There's no reason why it shouldn't, but stuff happens.


  1. *cracks knuckles* time for fun! I brought the party pony and popcorn... and a couple of their friends who wouldn't listen to my warnings.

  2. Are we gonna be able to get a guide on the new quests?